Highlights in 2019

We completed three fruitful ministry trips in MarchJuly, and September. These ministry trips have broadened and deepened our foundation of great relationships in Romania and brought many people and churches into partnership with us. TMFC will always prioritize the core value of relationship.

Ten Million for Christ’s first team leaders are in place in Galati, Romania. Eugen and Nicolata Iordache are building a TMFC leadership team that will strengthen our partnership with the local church, work closely with our US ministry teams, and promote evangelistic events and programs in Galati (see their picture in the article below).

Gerry Blitz was able to join our staff one day a week as our Director of Operations as a direct result of the generosity of our financial partners during our Day of Giving in June. Gerry has played a crucial role in our communications, event planning, and ministry development and is poised to serve a full-time role.

The IRS approved TMFC as 501c3 non-profit which ushers us into a new season of opportunity and growth.


AJ Crawford: Evangelist and Team-Builder in Central Florida

AJ Crawford joined the TMFC Team in October as an Evangelist and Team Builder in Central Florida. He will be working with Jeremy to build a leadership team in the Clermont region and will be seeking speaking opportunities to inspire the church in its commitment to local and international evangelism

Jeremy once again participated in two John Maxwell events in Orlando, FL and Cluj-Napoca, Romania. These gatherings are strategic to the future Business Impact Teams that TMFC will assemble both in the U.S. and in Romani. In keeping with this strategy, Ten Million for Christ incorporated MetaGrowth Consulting as the arm of our ministry which will begin engaging the business arena in 2020.

Through our partners Doru and Corina Parvu, we have continued to gain momentum in Cluj-Napoca by broadening and deepening our friendships. We are now poised to build a TMFC Leadership team.

Two women prayed to receive Christ during our Prayer Team’s ministry time in Galati! Pray that these women grow in Christ by connecting to a local church, digging into Scripture, and learning to pray.

Doru & Corina Parvu with their children Yanna, Josh & Haris: Partners in Cluj-Napoca