God Moved Through Three English Bible Camps

By Denis Iordache – Romanian Friend and Translator
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As they were going along the road, someone said to Him,
“I will follow You wherever You go.” – Luke 9:57

Ten Million for Christ hosted three English Bible camps in 2023 in Romania: the third annual camp in Galați and the first time each in Brăila and Hateg! 

Three different US teams came to serve in Romania. The Galați team, led by Gerry Blitz, consisted of 13 young adults from Weaverland while the Brăila team, under Jeremy Leaman’s leadership, was comprised of 7 people, including Lancaster Bible College students and others from various churches in Lancaster County. One couple from Timberline Church in Strasburg and a friend from the ministry, “Up and Out,” joined us for the Hațeg camp. In total, nearly 300 children ages 10-14 heard the gospel, many for the first time.

During one of the days at the Galați camp, Nikita, a 14-year-old boy with a strong and assertive personality, as well as significant influence among his group of friends, took a seat at the lunch table with a couple of the leaders from the English workshop. Dakota, one of the US team leaders got to talk to him about Jesus. To the leaders’ surprise, he shushed his friends who were trying to get his attention while the gospel was being presented to him. He told them, “I can always sit down and talk to you, but I can’t always sit down and talk to them.” Despite his interest and engagement in the conversation, it seemed like the gospel only reached his mind but didn’t penetrate his heart. However, the moment became truly glorious when, on the last day of the camp, he rose to his feet in response to Eugen’s call for those who wanted to dedicate their lives to Christ. It’s truly wonderful to witness Holy Spirit transform those with the strongest personalities, the “mini-Sauls” among us! 

The Galati campers absolutely loved this camp! Parents provided feedback and many shared their children would not stop talking about the camp until they rested their heads on their pillow. We give glory to God for the multitude of raised hands and for every child who stood up in response to Eugen’s gospel invitation! 

In Braila, TMFC launched our second English Bible Camp. As a first-year camp, it took off quickly in numbers as the team of eight Americans joined 35 local volunteers and together, hosted 85 kids ages 10-14. The participants enjoyed Bible lessons on Joseph’s life, group games, crafts, an English workshop, and much more. The “Going Deeper” sessions helped them apply Joseph’s story to becoming a follower of Christ. Two local churches, Metanoia and Golgota, worked enthusiastically to make it a powerful event and received the ultimate compliment from the owner of the campground and his staff, “We love what you are doing and next year, we are bringing our kids!”  

The U.S. teams in Galati and Braila also witnessed God’s care and protection as their bus broke down on their way to Bucharest. Everyone prayed and then, as if on key, God miraculously intervened 20 minutes later as an empty bus, on its way to Bucharest, pulled up behind them and invited everyone to jump in!    

Our final camp in Hateg was not to be outdone. One of the highlights unfolded in the Going Deeper Workshop when two girls opened up to Nicoleta, TMFC’s national co-director, about how they feel so loved in the camp among the leaders and how the camp environment was life-giving for them. They enjoyed it so that they did not want to leave camp at the end of the day to go home.

In addition, a wonderful work of healing started in Hațeg as many fatherless kids got to experience an out-pouring of the Father’s love through the volunteer leaders. They got to hear that they were never forsaken by their Father, that they are wanted and loved beyond measure. The spiritual darkness weighing over that place has been lifted up by the love of the Father as His healing reached into the deepest caverns of the kids’ hearts. We invite you to pray that God would bring this work He’s started in these children to completion, that they may understand the Father’s love and the sonship they’ve stepped into. Pray also that He may continue to use us in their lives in the future as we reach out to them.  

The camp in Hateg culminated on Friday as about 25-30 children stood up in response to the gospel invitation and gave their life to Christ. Praise God for all the work, healing, and transformation Holy Spirit has done within these campers! 

May God bring more committed, godly leaders into their lives which can take them from here, guide them, and walk alongside them on this new path they’ve stepped into! 

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