Keith Yoder serves as the board chair. As a Founder of Teaching the Word Ministries, since 1987, he has been devoted to discerning God’s wisdom for leaders and their organizations.

“I am especially excited to see how the Lord has been connecting numerous different ministries in partnership to win people’s hearts for Christ in Romania and Eastern Europe. Before us, is a great opportunity to multiply congregational and marketplace partnerships.”


Janice Martin Baldauf is the board secretary. She has supported TMFC through prayer and communications ever since its founding, but formally joined the staff in 2022 as Prayer Director. Before that she worked for 26 years as Communications Administrator at Petra Church.

“It fills me with joy to see the advance of God’s Kingdom in Romania through Ten Million for Christ! Having led two Prayer Teams there, I have seen first-hand the impact of TMFC’s ministry and outreach, and am convinced we will see the igniting of revival fires throughout Romania as we pray, serve, and share the Good News!”


Josh Becker is the Bakery/Confection Product Manager of Harpak-Ulma, a leader in complete packaging line solutions for the food industry.  He has made a career in the food manufacturing industry and is a seasoned international traveler and has developed business relationships all throughout the European Union region.  He is a native of Lancaster County and has a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Penn State.  He is also heavily involved in the Children’s Ministry at Petra Church where he has served and worshiped for the past 10 years. 

“Jeremy and I met at Petra while he was Care Pastor. I knew from that moment we would be eternal friends.  His caring heart and passion for Christ really guided me through some rough times.  When he approached me about serving and supporting TMFC it was an answer to prayer.  I am thoroughly looking forward to using my international travel and business development gifts to the ministry work in Romania and Eastern Europe”

Tom Wingard and his wife Linda have been friends with Jeremy since his days as a pastor at Petra and faithful partners with Ten Million for Christ since it was launched in December of 2016.  Their friendship with the entire Leaman family helped carry them through the challenging early years in Florida. Tom is a true prayer warrior on behalf of Jeremy and his family and the ministry of Ten Million for Christ.   


Donna Shuler has been part of the Retail Business World for 30+ years managing different divisions, categories, associates and suppliers. Donna is currently a Consultant working with non-profits, organizations and businesses teaching, demonstrating and mentoring those who want to re-cultivate the culture from moving from a Traditional Model to a Collective Impact Model that produces creativity, sustainability and growth to fulfill their individual visions and missions. As her partner and she say, “Bringing forth Kingdom Systems that will replace Worldly Systems”.

“I met Jeremy through Keith Yoder during one of my trips to Romania in the Bucharest Airport. I’ve been traveling to Romania since 2005 in the western area working with churches and orphanages. I have a heart for Romania and look forward to working with Ten Million for Christ’s Team in fulfilling their mission and vision.”


Rosene Ressler has been a key part of the Ten Million for Christ network since 2018 when she joined our volunteer team as a bookkeeper. Since then she and her husband Merle have been faithful partners and intercessors for Jeremy and the work of Ten Million for Christ. Rosene brings the gifts of discernment, wisdom, and evangelism to the team.