Donations can be made using the form at the bottom of this page!

What is the Day of Giving?

The Day of Giving 2021 is a 24-hour period of dedicated and collaborative giving to Ten Million for Christ. Contributions received from the Day of Giving will help Ten Million for Christ move forward in two primary ministry strategies:

  1. Fuel the growth of The 24/7 Evangelist and help TMFC take the final steps in adding a new staff position to lead this grassroots evangelism movement.  Learn more about the vision for The 24/7 Evangelist here.
  2. Continue to strengthen and develop our growing teams of partners, volunteers, and leaders in Romania, especially in Galati.    

Thank you for praying how God might lead you to stand with us to meet our target for the Day of Giving this year!

What is the Goal?

Our goal is to raise and even exceed $60,000 in contributions and pledges on this day. Matching contributions are coming together and we hope to start our day with $30,000 in matching gifts which would double any donation you make! In addition to matching gifts, to meet this target we need the following gifts:

11 gifts of $1,000 or more
22 gifts of $500 or more
33 gifts of $250 or more
44 gifts of $100 or more
55 gifts of $50 or more
Many gifts of $25 or more

Thank you for your partnership.  Together, we can get to our $60,000 goal! 

When is it?

Tuesday, June 15
12:00 am – 11:59 pm

How can I give?

Gifts can be made online below or made by check. Please earmark your check “Day of Giving 2021” and mail to:  Ten Million for Christ | PO Box 651 | Leola, PA 17540.  Please mail by the 15th if possible.***

If you do mail a check on ahead, we would appreciate knowing about it so that we can track how we are doing in triggering our matching funds.  So thanks for taking a moment and letting us know by emailing or texting Jeremy as noted below.

***Pledges can also be made the day of the event and mailed by check that week, preferably the day of the event and no later than the 18th. Please let us know about your pledge by emailing us at  or texting Jeremy at 717-598-1288.

Follow along!

We will share progress and some fun incentives throughout the day so follow along on our Facebook page and Instagram account. Thanks for sharing our social media platforms with your friends.