Serve on TMFC’s English Bible Camp Ministry Team!

• Join Jeremy Leaman and Gerry & Tiffany Blitz on TMFC’s English Bible Camp teams ministering to children ages 10-14 in Galati and Baru, Romania!

• This camp is a fun-packed week of sharing Jesus’ love with children as well as working alongside TMFC’s Romania’s staff and volunteers.

• If you love Jesus, enjoy engaging with children, and speak English, you are qualified to go!

Join us for Ten Million for Christ’s second year of English Bible Camps in Romania! In Galati, TMFC will be partnering with the churches of the evangelical alliance for four adventurous days. This year we are also adding a second location in Hateg/Baru as we partner with local churches in this fun, gospel-sharing event in a new city. Both day camps will be for children ages 10-14.

Come prepared to make new friends as you work alongside our Romanian leaders, partners, and many other volunteers in engaging children with the life- changing news of the gospel! For many children, this may be the first time they have heard of a loving God who wants to have a relationship with them. What a joy it is to share the Father’s heart with these children as you build relationships through English conversation, Bible lessons, art, sports, and music!

To learn more about this opportunity contact Gerry Blitz at or 717-682-5071.

Details about the English Bible Camp Team to follow soon!   

To learn more about these opportunities, please contact Jeremy Leaman at or 717-598-1288 or Gerry Blitz at 
or 717-682-5071.