God Has a Plan for Romania

by Nancy Eberly

Barry Omar sharing “Ten Million Souls for Christ” at the Concert of Prayer.

What a privilege to be able to express the glory of God that showed up on November 22 at the Concert of Prayer for Romania. It reminds me of how the shepherds may have felt when the birth of Jesus was announced in the fields outside of Bethlehem many years ago. Those shepherds were waiting and hoping for good news of hope and freedom from oppression and helplessness.

Romanians also suffered greatly at the hands of a harsh Communist dictator and are still recovering 30 years later. Many people in Romania today lived through those terrible years, clearly remembering the oppression and abuse. Many of them still hold to a mindset of not being allowed to make their own decisions. And good leadership seems beyond reach. Many leaders are simply following the example of leaders who went before them because they haven’t witnessed any other way. Many skilled and educated people are moving out of the country for better opportunities.

Just as God had a plan for the whole world, it was very clear at the Concert of Prayer that he has a specific plan for Romania. Tabita Quashigah shared a powerful illustration of how the people are hungry for something to cling to – for hope and salvation. I was heartbroken to learn that many Romanians have been venerating the bones of a saint in a casket.  Only Jesus can give us hope and salvation!

As we praised and prayed, it was evident that God had one thing to tell us:  It says in scripture that God inhabits the praises of his people. In return, his response to us was that he has not forgotten Romania. Janice Baldauf again read what she proclaimed during our visit to a church packed with evangelical Romanians in September. Isaiah 62 declares protection, power, and rebuilding, and Janice had a vision of God’s presence resting over the Romanian homeland.
Truly, God has his hand on Romania and has a plan to bring life, leadership, and abundance to this nation where we have so many friends.

This message pierced the heart of nearly everyone at the Concert of Prayer. God will keep building this TMFC team of Americans and Romanians until what he has planned for Romania will come to pass. God has made a way in the wilderness, a river in the desert. Will we not be aware of it? Behold, he will do something new! Keep in touch. You will not want to miss it!