On May 1, 2020, Ten Million for Christ launched a movement of Local Evangelists called  The 24/7 Evangelist. These Local Evangelists will be trained to shar the gospel at every opportunity, hence our name The 24/7 Evangelist. 

What is a Local Evangelist?

Local Evangelists are gifted, called, and passionate about reaching people for Christ. Most will never travel 500 miles and speak to 500 people, but all will be dedicated in their weekly disciplines to:

  1. Planting “seeds” of Truth
  2. Opening doors to Gospel conversations
  3. Doing all they can do to draw people one step closer to Christ. 

They will do this by sharing the gospel at every opportunity they have during their daily routines and in finding creative ways to invest 1-3 hours per week in seeking people for the kingdom. (Mark 1:15)

Where is The 24/7 Evangelist Movement Building?

Our first teams are launching in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and Lake County, Florida, as well as in Galati, Romania. 

How will TMFC train, support, and come alongside The 24/7 Evangelist?

TMFC will identify, recruit, train, and commission each 24/7 Evangelist. We will then support the teams in setting vision, on-going training, accountability, inspiration, and celebration. Our first-year goal is to build a team of 20 24/7 Evangelists in the U.S. and 5 in Romania, by July 1, 2021.

Why Do We Need this Movement?

Evangelists need this movement because most of us want to generate greater impact with the gifts and passion that God has given us. Some of the things holding us back include, lack of vision, strategy, and training, or simply becoming discouraged when working alone. We want to see changed lives by the power of Christ, the The 24/7 Evangelist Movement will help us bring that about. 

The Local Church needs this movement because many churches have struggled to grow in strength of numbers and maturity of faith. Local Evangelists will help churches in each of these areas, which will in turn add energy and new vision to the church.

The Larger Church needs this movement because most Christians need to be challenged and inspired that a world-wide harvest of hundreds of millions of people won’t be brought in by the “super-hero evangelists.”  But rather, those numbers of salvations and the ensuing revival and community transformation will only be achieved by activating the body of Christ to engage the lost with our prayers, lovingkindness, and conversation and then walk beside them in relationship until they find Christ as their Savior.

The World needs this movement because billions of people are still lost in their sin with little or no understanding that Jesus 1) died for them personally, 2) defeated sin, death, and the devil for them personally by rising from the dead, 3) will forgive them and adopt them into His family as His children, 4) will lead them into His perfect plan for living a new life characterized by peace, joy, victory, and fruitfulness, and 5) will change their destiny forever as they turn away from hell and run towards heaven, hand-in-hand with Him.

I want to become an 24/7 Evangelist!    

If you would like to learn more about joining The 24/7 Evangelist Movement a please contact Jeremy Leaman at jeremyl@tenmillionforchrist.org.