2022 Men’s Breakfast

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TMFC’s 5th Annual Men’s Breakfast

Join us at Shady Maple on April 23 to celebrate TMFC’s 5th anniversary with special guest Steve Wingfield of Wingfield Ministries! Steve has been preaching the gospel for over forty years in the U.S. and internationally. He went behind the Iron Curtain in the 1980s and has led powerful evangelistic meetings in more than 15 countries including Romania and Ukraine. Steve’s message, “Zealous for God!” will be a timely challenge for all of us!

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In the uncertain times we have been living, God calls us to uncompromising faith and zealous determination to live for Him. We can’t allow apathy, ignorance, or distraction to derail us. Steve’s message will call each of us to renewed purpose and fiery devotion to God, the church, and the lost! Let’s be ” Zealous for God!”    

2022 Men's Breakfast Registration

Jeremy Leaman, Keith Yoder, and Steve Wingfield during the 2021 Men’s Breakfast.