Romania – Awaking to Its Potential

By Keith Yoder

Jeremy at the John Maxwell Romania Conference

Cranes in the urban skies hover above office and apartment buildings under construction.  Foreign investments support the construction of bridges, replacement of pipelines, and improvement of highways. Modern functional designs characterize new church facilities under construction. Centuries old architecture is being restored to its original elegance. There is growth.

A movement of consultation stimulates business leaders and professionals to excellence. There is enthusiasm.

Young Christian entrepreneurs venture into new small businesses with a passion to honor the Lord and extend the impact of the Kingdom of. There is initiative.

Jeremy and Keith with Sami and Madalina

Pastoral leaders build personal and ministry relationships with a united heart to transform the culture of their region. Church planting is fruitful. There is vision.

The restriction, suppression and wounding with the corresponding strongholds of the bygone era are yielding to dignity, innovation and God healing. There is freedom.

Children receive godly instruction in pre-school and foster homes. There is hope.

In Oradea, a northwestern county, nearly 15% of the population are evangelical Christians—the highest percentage of any European region. There is foundation.

Christ has connected Ten Million for Christ with each of these realities. Our vision to form partnerships with Romanian pastors, ministry and business leaders advanced significantly during the recent 15-day ministry trip of key relationships by Jeremy Leaman, Executive Director, and Keith Yoder, Board President. There is potential.

Partnership options abound to mentor pastors and business leaders, develop emerging leaders, enrich family life, share experience in regional cooperation and oneness. We can invest in strategic prayer, equip and cooperate in evangelism, resource educators, supply benevolence, and make disciples. There is opportunity.

Apostle Paul wrote to the church in Corinth while he was at Ephesus; near the end of his letter, he observed, “There is a wide-open door for a great work here, although many oppose me.” (II Corinthians 16:9 NLT). A great work is before TMFC; we need to stand with fellow laborers in Romania in the face of the obstacles. There is grace.