Spring Ministry Trip 2019

When asked to share three words to describe their most recent ministry trip to Romania, Jeremy exclaimed, “relationship building, seminar hosting, and super rewarding” and Gerry reiterated, “it was foundational and felt like home away from home.” (It’s good they are in ministry because neither of them count very well!) 

Ten Million for Christ’s Spring Ministry trip to Romania, March 28-April 8, was led by Jeremy Leaman and his travel partner, Gerry Blitz. They ministered in various ways in three cities: Galati, Baru, and Cluj. Each city brought new adventures and experiences.

Their time in Galati was filled with relationship-building opportunities. Jeremy and Gerry were met by a good friend, Eugen, for breakfast their very first morning and were quickly ushered into a full day of activities including a lunch meeting with church leaders, a visit with a bank director, and ministry in a remote village near Moldova to encourage two families through fellowship and some needed groceries. They also had the unique opportunity to witness a cargo ship launched into the Danube River!  Saturday was a great day as they hosted their first business and leadership seminar and had the opportunity to challenge the participants to raise the bar in their lives.  Jeremy also taught at a youth meeting that evening.  The final day in Galati was spent attending a morning and evening church service where Jeremy preached on “The Cry of our Heart.”  In between services, he and Gerry enjoyed a great meal at Eugen’s home with the three families who helped to plan the seminar. 

Jeremy and Gerry at the leadership seminar in Galati
Cargo ship before the launch into the Danube

After a day of travel with a stop to see Castle Bran, the next three days were spent in Baru and included many more relationship building times with the children at the House of Hope and the youth at the House of Joy. Gerry and Jeremy enjoyed sharing some American culture with the kids by playing Dutch Blitz and eating pizza and ice cream together. They took some of the older boys to visit Corvin’s Castle where Gerry taught the boys the art of photography. They enjoyed capturing their perspectives of the castle and taking pictures together. The final day in Baru called for another business seminar where Jeremy challenged the mayor’s leadership team regarding sales and how to “make their engines roar!”

“Raising the Bar” in Baru
Gerry playing Dutch Blitz with the kids

Their final destination was Cluj where they had an exciting business seminar lined up and had the privilege to tell the city about it live on EBS Radio Cluj.  Both Jeremy and Gerry had fun during the interview and marked it down as a first in Romania!  The seminar was a special time of great input, making new friendships, and a Q&A session at the end.  Jeremy and Gerry both spoke, but a big bonus for them and the participants were two special guests: Vlad Mihut, Director of ROMCOM, and Sorin Popa, President of The John Maxwell Team Romania.  They did a great job educating and inspiring the participants on Accessing Financing and Leadership Development.  It was a rewarding day for everyone!

Corina and Jeremy at the EBS radio station
Jeremy with Sorin Popa and Vlad Mihut

Jeremy and Gerry wrapped up their trip with a full day on Sunday as they were blessed by great worship and an inspiring sermon at Caleb Christian Church, witnessed to some university students in Central Park, and caught up with some other friends at McDonald’s.  Another highlight of the day was joining Corina and her family for a traditional Romanian meal prepared by her mother.  Corina is the director of Way of Truth Ministries and she and her husband Doru and their friend Alexandra have become great advocates for Ten Million for Christ.  They all played a vital role in planning the seminar and embraced it as an extension of their ministry.  The meal and fellowship were a delicious and fruitful way to wrap up an amazing trip

Jeremy and Gerry with their new friends in Cluj; Sami and his team at Noodle Pack!
Jeremy at Castle Bran

Thank you for agreeing with us in prayer that these eleven days invested into Romania will become seeds that will bring a great harvest, this year and in the future! 

We continue to believe God for unprecedented revival in Romania and Eastern Europe where millions will turn to Christ as their personal Savior and entire communities will be radically transformed, wonderfully demonstrating the glory of God’s kingdom!

Gerry and Jeremy will be sharing about this trip at the Men’s Breakfast on Saturday, May 4 at Petra Church. We appreciate your prayers for this event, for the Ten Million for Christ team as we continue to build prayer, volunteer, and financial partnerships, and for Jeremy as he begins developing the business arm of Ten Million for Christ called MetaGrowth Consulting.  Jeremy is also looking forward to the Summer Ministry Trip to Romania in late July.  Thank you for standing with us!