In early April, Duval Denlinger and Jeremy travelled to Romania for nine days to renew friendships and broaden their network into a new city, Cluj-Napoca.

Their first stop was in Galati, Gabriela’s home town and Jeremy’s home in Romania for nearly two years.

They were blessed to connect with the Baptist and Pentecostal churches by spending time with their leaders and participating in a weeknight service in each church. Duval and Jeremy are pictured above with Pastors Ovi and Narcis from the Baptist Church. Jeremy listened to many of Pastor Ovi’s sermons in the early 90’s, and he is one of the inspirations behind his comment, “When Romanian pastors preach, they preach the lights on, heaven down to earth, and all of us to the feet of Jesus!”

After their visit in Galati, they spent a couple of days with friends in Baru and then moved on to Cluj-Napoca. Their goals in this historic place were to get oriented to the city, network with some new organizations, and lay the foundation for a return visit by the Leaman family. God checked off every item and gave them the privilege of meeting some wonderful people in the process. Duval and Jeremy are pictured here with Dr. David Ille in front of his pro-life clinic.

Dr. Ille and his staff are working diligently to help women make the decision to keep their unborn babies. They were one of the first pro-life ministries in Romania twenty years ago and they have led many women to faith in Christ.

More Photos From the Trip