Summer Outreach 2018

Ten Million for Christ has had a blessed summer building relationships in Romania.

Gaining Momentum in Romania 

This summer has been a season of victory for Ten Million for Christ as God has been blessing the ministry from many different, exciting directions! And truly, through all of 2018, God has demonstrated another run of his provision and power as he is building Ten Million for Christ and helping us gain momentum in Romania. Here is a brief recap of our time in Romania.

The John Maxwell Team – Cluj, Romania 

One of the long-term strategies of TMFC for impacting communities for Christ is placing coaches, consultants, and chaplains into businesses as a way of building people, building business, and building a platform to share the gospel.

In December of last year, the Board of Directors affirmed that Jeremy should become certified with the John Maxwell Team (JMT) so that he could have ongoing training to improve his skills in business coaching. The Board didn’t know it at the time, but the John Maxwell Team already had a strong presence in Romania – in fact, Romania is #2 in the world in terms of certified members of the John Maxwell Team! After meeting numerous Romanians at the JMT event in Orlando in February, Jeremy had the privilege of attending the John Maxwell event in Cluj, Romania, at the end of June.

It was a networking dream for Jeremy as the event was well run and attended by more than 300 Romanians! The John Maxwell Team in Romania holds significant potential as a talent pool from which TMFC can recruit coaches in the future. Another building block that God has given us!

Adding to our Network in Cluj and Baru

Beyond the John Maxwell event in Cluj, Jeremy and Gabriela and the children spent an additional week in Cluj working with a Christian ministry called The Way of Truth. The Leamans tackled a drywall project, helped at a preschool, and encouraged numerous large families in a neighboring town. Jeremy also spent some time sharing TMFC’s vision with a couple of church leaders. This partnership with The Way of Truth enabled them to befriend a number of families and created great ministry opportunities – plus fun times for the kids!

The Leamans were also able to go back to Baru for a week renewing friendships with the teenagers at the House of Joy and creating new relationships with the children at the House of Hope. Soccer games, a picnic in the valley, a work project, devotions, fun meal times, plus noisy games of Dutch Blitz (called “Ligretto” in Romania) were all part of a great week!

A Testimony from Ten Million for Christ Director, Jeremy Leaman

“As we look back on our time in Romania, we are encouraged because God enabled us to have a significant impact as a family as well as achieve our organizational goals with Ten Million for Christ. Our network in Cluj is growing as we are building with the John Maxwell Team, befriending more families, and planting seeds to partner with churches in the near future. In Baru, we were able to invest into over 20 children and teenagers with Christ’s love and celebrate life with them in many great activities. God was faithful, through our family’s ministry, to advance the mission of Ten Million for Christ!”