Team Building in Romania

By Gerry Blitz & Jeremy Leaman

Ten Million for Christ is built upon the premise of a relationship: individuals entering into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. So, it’s only natural that relationships are the foundation of our ministry both in Romania and the U.S.  Currently, TMFC has established thriving relationships in three strategic locations in Romania: Galati, Baru, and Cluj. Galati and Cluj are both large cities; in fact, Cluj is the second largest in terms of population and economic clout after the capital, Bucharest.  

Check out this video to learn some fun ways Ten Million for Christ has built
relationships in Romania and is staying in touch over repeat visits.

Baru is a small town nestled in an idyllic, rural setting with fantastic views of the Carpathian Mountains. While Baru is a beautiful breath of fresh air, the two cities provide an ideal setting for our core mission: evangelistic impact in partnership with the local church through teams of evangelists, mission workers, and business professionals.

Our Vision for Mission in Romania

In formulating what our ministry approach will look like, one concept is materializing front and center: “What does it mean to have a handful of committed team members, partnering with local churches and ministries, who are dedicated to evangelizing and meeting people where they are and drawing them into places where they can hear the gospel?” The opportunities to create such scenarios are endless! Simple conversations over coffee, mentorships, Lunch ‘n Learn (for the business side of things), sports camps, English camps, village outreaches, etc. All of these possibilities create environments for TMFC team members to have ongoing relationships with unsaved people in an engaging and relevant way.

Jeremy and Gerry enjoyed dinner with new friends in Romania

We desire to have people “get in the boat with Jesus” as we encourage them to become more than curious onlookers, but rather active participants in seeking The Truth. Eventually, our heart’s desire is to witness everyone “taste and see that the Lord is good” and celebrate with them as they arrive at a place of surrender to Jesus!

Team Building Vision for Galati and Cluj

Ten Million for Christ is developing a firm foundation to build teams in two places: the cities of Galati and Cluj. In each location, we have flourishing relationships with a number of outstanding leaders. Some of the key relationships go back many years, and others have recently blossomed.  

Jeremy with Corina and Gerry in Cluj
Jeremy with Corina and Gerry in Cluj

In Cluj, our friendships don’t have as much history, but they are a wonderful blessing as well! The preparations for the TMFC business seminar in Cluj were led by Corina Pirvu, Director of Way of Truth Ministries. She enlisted the help of coworkers, family, and friends to publicize, prepare, and host this strategic event. Through her contacts she was able to have Jeremy, Gerry, and one of the other seminar speakers interviewed live on a radio station in Cluj. She also served as the seminar translator. Without Corina’s leadership, and the “all-hands-on-deck” enthusiasm of her team, TMFC could not have successfully hosted the ground-breaking seminar in Cluj.   

Regional Teams by Late 2019

In seeking to establish regional teams in Romania in the second part of 2019, we will be intentionally sharing within our growing network of relationships that Ten Million for Christ’s vision and mission for evangelism and revival rests upon building strong teams of volunteers and staff members who are devoted to reaching their country in creative ways with the gospel. This will take place during our summer and fall ministry trips through personal meetings and larger gatherings held in concert with the local churches.

Our hope is to have our first official TMFC team members by September or October. TMFC is already in communication with a husband and wife team who have expressed their desire to join us as business coaches and we are confident that others will join them in various roles. We are looking for a wide variety of talents to fill TMFC teams: evangelists, mission workers, administrators, event planners, and more. These individuals will start as volunteers and as we advance, they will grow into paid staff positions.

Please join us in focused prayer for TMFC teams to break out and grow in Galati and Cluj! We’d love to have you join us sometime soon on a ministry trip to Romania and help us!