Jesus’ Matthew 9 Mandate

“The harvest is great but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields.” ~Matthew 9:37-38

1. Jesus mandated in Matthew 9:37-38 that we pray and ask God to “send more workers into his harvest field.” 

2. The  mission of The 24/7 Evangelist is to raise up “24/7
Evangelists” who become a direct answer to this prayer.

3. These 24/7 Evangelists are not traveling evangelists, but rather Local Evangelists who winsomely tell people about Jesus and help them take a step closer to faith in Christ. 

4. All of the 24/7 Evangelists will work in teams to increase their impact, grow their anointing, and celebrate their victories.

5. This movement of 24/7 Evangelists will multiply quickly as they share the vision and invite new evangelists onto their teams to be equipped and commissioned to go into the harvest.

The 24/7 Mission

The 24/7 Evangelist commissions local evangelists and inspires the local church to pursue the lost with the message of salvation and new life in Christ.

Jeremy Leaman
TMFC Executive Director

The 24/7 Evangelist is celebrating our first team and our first coordinator, Andrew Zeiset (first from the right). Andrew is a part-time TMFC staff member and co-leads the Lancaster team with Jeremy. The additional members, from left to right, are Josh Finkbeiner, Cory Wilson, and Nate. In Harrisburg, board member Tabita Tagulia is working towards building a second 24/7 team. The Lancaster Team meets with Jeremy monthly for equipping, inspiration, prayer, and celebration as they seek to communicate the gospel more effectively with the people they meet in their daily and weekly routines. The 24/7 Evangelist is a budding movement of local evangelists who share the gospel creatively, consistently, and courageously and challenge everyone in the church to do the same!      

The 24/7 Evangelist Team

Cristi Tecla is Ten Million for Christ’s first 24/7Evangelist in Romania! He is passionate about sharing the gospel and does so faithfully in his daily and weekly routines with the people that God brings into his path and some that are off the path!


Tabita Tugulia is a 24/7 Evangelist in Harrisburg, PA. Tabita compassionately seeks gospel-sharing opportunities with a wide spectrum of people. The 24/7 Evangelist gives her a platform for helping people discover the fullness of God’s plan for their lives.

Andrew Zeiset is a 24/7 Evangelist in Adamstown, PA, as well as our first 24/7 Evangelist coordinator to join TMFC staff! He is a lover of Jesus and often shares his personal testimony, prays, or plants a gospel seed with the people he meets. He has shared that being a part of a 24/7 Evangelist team has caused him to walk more consistently in his calling as an evangelist.  

I want to become an 24/7 Evangelist!    

If you would like to learn more about joining The 24/7 Evangelist Movement a please contact Jeremy Leaman at