All About Jesus in 2022!

During the last few weeks, I’ve been reminding the many people I encounter in my day-to-day routines, “Don’t forget that Christmas was all about Jesus, and now 2022 is all about Jesus too!”  It’s a quick gospel seed, easily planted in anyone’s life, and typically, it makes people smile or think.

But “all about Jesus” isn’t just a seed for other people, it’s also a challenge for me to “raise-the-bar-high” and seek to make this friendly reminder a life-changing principle in my own daily and weekly routines. “All about Jesus” rolls off the tongue well, but does it roll out into my life well?

So here’s the big question as we start the year: How will 2022 be “all about Jesus” for you and for me?  Let’s ponder and pray about the following three ways we can seek to make 2022, “All about Jesus!”

1.    Consistently, all about Jesus! – Someone once said that “Christianity wouldn’t be so difficult if I didn’t have to do it every day.” We all chuckle because we agree!  This next year is going to be filled with the ordinary, everyday kind of stuff. Will we be joy-filled in the mundane? Conscious of God’s presence and power in our struggles?  Will we celebrate Him just as much when we are alone in the valley as when we are with His people on the mountaintop?  When it’s all about Jesus, our answer is “Yes!”  

2.    Creatively, all about Jesus! – As I’m stepping into my mid-fifties, God’s creativity continues to astonish me and inspire me to see His beauty everywhere I look. Jesus, the Word of God, has gloriously created everything we experience and enjoy. It’s also thrilling to know that we are created to be creative! Jesus wants us to be like Him—to dream big, to set beauty in motion, to ask Him what new paths we can blaze together! In 2022, let’s venture outside the box of the past and step into new creativity and new opportunities to make Jesus beautiful!

3.    Courageously, all about Jesus! – Living a life of devotion and passion for Jesus takes courage! Courage to step away from the safety of the past, courage to embrace new challenges, courage to pursue the impossible. I’m convinced that God’s best for His children will always demand courage. Will we passionately pursue everything God has called us to be and to do in 2022, even when our courage is tested?  “All about Jesus” means we will keep moving forward in faith!

Thanks for joining me and our team at Ten Million for Christ in making 2022 a year to remember. Let’s commit ourselves to living consistently, creatively, and courageously for our Savior and remind the world, “2022 is all about Jesus!”