Why Romania and Why Ten Million for Christ?

by Gerry Blitz

Gerry with some of the boys from House of Hope

Why TMFC? That’s a question I pondered many times in an abstract sense since I’ve become connected to this ministry. But now, here on the ground in Romania, it took on a singular thrust. Because I was called, because I was sent.

The story of Ten Million for Christ follows a similar fashion. Over 25 years ago, Jeremy Leaman was asked to lead a Youth Evangelism Service team (young adult missions) to Romania, an Eastern European nation in its democratic infancy, after having been liberated from decades of communist tyranny. Over the 15 months that he spent in Romania, Jeremy learned the language and fell in love with the people, the food, and the culture. Having recently spent some time there myself, I must say this isn’t too surprising because the people are warm and friendly and the food is terrific. Yet there was something more that God placed in Jeremy’s heart during that time, a burning desire to evangelize and see the people of Romania enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Orthodox Christianity, in a general sense, permeates the culture; you could even say it is part of the national psyche. It seems that every village, no matter how small, has an Orthodox Church, with spires pointing towards the heavens. However, its personal impact on the day to day lives of the surrounding people is minimal.

The next time Jeremy returned to Romania he fell in love again, this time with Gabriela, who would soon become his wife. During the early years of their marriage, they made several trips back to Romania. Sometimes they went to visit family, but Jeremy also spent time ministering and building kingdom connections. While focusing on raising their four children, they did not return to Romania for about 10 years. That was until several years ago when, in the midst of a life transition, God spoke clearly to Jeremy and Gabriela to engage in international missions and once again called them to minister in Romania! This led to the formation of Ten Million for Christ, as God began orchestrating events and leading Jeremy and Gabriela to step out in faith. The name itself, Ten Million for Christ, is a declaration of faith born out of a desire to see the nation of Romania radically transformed in revival by the work of the Holy Spirit calling lost people to Father God.

So why specifically TMFC? We have been called by God to evangelism and partnership with local Romanian churches and ministries to build relationships and seek revival for their nation. Romania is a unique nation. In some ways it is a developing country operating in the historical framework of an ancient nation that goes back to Roman times. It is not an unreached people, but there is an undeniable spiritual need and yearning. Years of communist oppression have stunted the spiritual and economic landscape of this beautiful country. For that reason, TMFC is committed to evangelizing Romania by proclaiming the gospel, training leaders, impacting the business world with mission-minded coaches and consultants, and sharing the love of Christ by meeting the needs of the marginalized.